About - Sam's Plant Based Kitchen

Sam's Plant Based Kitchen was created in 2015 after going to a friend's house for a small gathering and noticed them not being able to devote time to their guest because they were stuck in the kitchen the whole time.

Once Sam saw that, this urge developed to figure out a way to help people who are in those kinds of situations. A situation where you want to provide your guests with delicious, healthy and well cared for food but also spend personal time with them to create new memories as you bond over past ones. 

Sam's Plant Based Kitchen is here to help you create a delicious and fun food experience for your next event. If you are having an anniversary dinner and want to bring the quality of a sit down restaurant into your home to make your night more personal, SPBK can assist. If you finally found a night where you and all of your friends don't have to work but don't want to deal with the struggle of going out and all the planning that can go into that, why not stay in and let SPBK bring a family style meal over for everyone to share. Or maybe you are finally ready to host an Oscar Party at your house, enjoy the opening monologue with your friends, talk about whether a movie featuring your favorite actress will win Best Picture and let me bring out delicious snacks for you to enjoy all night.

Each menu is custom created to fit the needs of your event as well as meet all dietary requirements of your guests. Sam's Plant Based Kitchen is all vegan (so is the owner/chef!) and always happy to accommodate any restrictions. If you want a menu void of soy, we can create a menu your stomach will thank you for later. Even if you want a menu without: corn, soy, wheat, and nuts we can create you a meal to make you forget you had dietary restrictions.





public Wellness event at the hillman city collaboratory.

Remember, who you share your meal with is as important as the meal itself.

“Whenever we eat food it is often the only moment we get to relax. If you are too busy to create that moment for you and your family, let SPBK help with that experience so you can share moments with those around.”