No.6 - Red Rice Plate w/ Tomatillo Creamed Corn-Broccoli and Smoky Almond Tempeh

It's been a while folks. Hope you guys haven't been starving, but in case you have here's a pretty simple and quick recipe. 

Red Rice Plate w/ Tomatillo Creamed Corn-Broccoli and Smoky Almond Tempeh

  1. Prepare 4c of Broccoli (cut into tiny florets and remove tough stems), rinse and set aside
  2. Cook 1.5 c of Red Rice (Bhutanese) w/ 2t of Sea Salt1T of Vegetable Oil - Once the rice is cooked strain and set aside. While the rice is cooking prepare the rest of the dish, the rice takes about 30 minutes to cook (check every 10 mins, don't over cook your rice!)
  3. Sautee 1c of Yellow Corn (organic preferred), 1/2c of chopped Tomatillos (remove husk and wash residue off), 1/4c chopped Shallots. You are just sautéing and blending so don't stress your cuts. As that is sautéing add 1T of Nutritional Yeast, also called nooch2t of Sea Salt1/4t of Cumin. Once the tomatillos have cooked down and the corn has a nice color (browning) deglaze w/ 1c of Soy Milk (or another protein/fat heavy milk alternative), 1/4t of Orange Zest and 1/2c of Cilantro. Turn off heat and blend to the consistency of creamed corn, smooth and chunky.
  4. Toast 1c of Almonds (350 for 5 mins - don't burn), then process until coarse. Take 1c of Tempeh (crumble it) and add 1T of Smoked Paprika2t of Sea Salt and mix with 1/4c of Vegetable Oil. While that is marinating sauté 1/2c of Anaheim Peppers and 3/4c of Tomatoes. Once the veggies start to brown add the almond-tempeh mixture and cook until everything has melded well (10-15 mins, you'll know).
  5. Cook the Broccoli in a pan with 1/3c of Water1T of Vegetable Oil1t of Sea Salt. Once the liquid is gone and the broccoli starts to lightly sauté add the creamed corn mixture.

Now that it is all done, plate up to your liking. I bought some tortilla, radish and made an avocado mash. Here were the results.

Red rice plate w/ tomatillo creamed corn and smoky almond tempeh

No.5 - A Thanksgiving for Turkeys

This past Saturday (Nov.12th) couldn't have been more fun (unless at that moment the whole world went vegan), it was a day of meeting new friends, sharing information and eating delicious food.

I stayed with a friend in Granite Falls which isn't to far from where Pasado's is (or so we thought) and on the way we had quite the sound track. I stumbled upon Peter and the Wolf on a classical station, it was the perfect soundtrack to riding down a wet and rainy road through the country side on our way to feed hungry guest. What a way to build suspense and adrenaline.

We got there and things were running smoothly all through our first lunch serving which is a great feeling. We started the lunch with a Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque w/ Smoked Almonds and Chives. It was a great way to start service and later proved to be a crowd favorite. 

The follow up to the first course was nothing to pass on either. Wild Rice w/ Apricot Glazed Green Beans, Crispy Leeks and Walnuts in a Relaxed White Mushroom Gravy. This was a fun dish to describe to people, it was pretty much a deconstructed and rebuilt green bean casserole. But no Campbell's cream of mushroom, no Del Monte green beans and unfortunately no French's fried onions. But the crowd wasn't disappointed, except for two guys who were triggered by the green beans. They said they've had too many bad green bean casseroles as a kid and they haven't been able to eat green beans since (2 out of 18 ain't bad). Everyone else joined the CPC (Clean Plate Club). 

Then for the final course of the lunch seating we had the most exciting dish (to me), Maple Seared Shiitake, Brussels Sprouts, and Tempeh w/ Creamy Greens and a Hazelnut Crusted Portobello. I was as nervous about this dish as I was excited, you never know how well a batter is going to stick to a slightly moist mushroom but it was handled, professionally.  And with that last garnish of hazelnuts, lunch service was finished and part one complete.

Part two (dinner service) started the same as lunch, until we got to the third course and it was time to fry the portobellos then I realized "I didn't bring enough oil..." it was at the moment everything could have went wrong. But thank goodness for the walkie-talkie's and volunteer staff at Pasado's, they were able to manifest some oil out of nowhere and at that moment the clouds parted (not really, it's Seattle right) and all was well again. Then we sashayed our way into dessert with a Gluten Free Hazelnut Apple Tart (thank you Chaco Canyon) w/ a Cashew Caramel, Ginger Dust and Coconut Milk Sage Ice Cream (thank you Seattle Cookie Counter). During our "sashay" no toes were stepped on and all plates were beautiful and left spotless by the guest. 

This was an amazing event, there was a lot of shared information and new connections made. The team I brought with me as well as the team Pasado's had, helped make this such a smooth event. I would love to do this again next year, but I just have to remember to bring more oil.

No.3 - New Day NW w/ Pasado's Safe Haven

Hey Guys. Today was a fun day and hopefully a sign of things to come, I had the opportunity to go on the New Day (< click for show) and talk about the upcoming event with Pasado's Safe Haven - Thanksgiving for Turkeys. Laura (featrued in the thumbnail) is the executive Director of Pasado's and gave us all some information about turkey's as well as the event and I was able to showcase a fun Recipe, Wild Rice Stuffed Portobello w/ a White Bean Almond Gravy. Margaret was a lot of fun to be on stage with and a really easy presence to play off of. There we a lot of pictures being taken with Bowie, the resident turkey for the day, he loved showing off for the crowd and who wouldn't when you look that good!

I was a great experience to be able to share a delicious but non-intimidating recipe that is approachable for all. Whether you are a long time vegan and need a new recipe, someone exploring vegan foods/concepts, an omnivore making sure plant eating friends and family don't starve during the holiday meals or you just want something new to cook for you family/guest this is the recipe for you. 


Once you have made this, you will be glad to have a recipe like this under your belt. It's a great meal as is but you could also separate out the components and use them for different cooking applications. Maybe use the gravy recipe on some of your famous mashed potatoes, you could also just use the stuff as a side dish on it's own. Once you feel you have this mastered, make it your own, feel empowered in the kitchen to make strong decisions.